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Columbia Daily -

Black Bean Co. serves up ‘energy food fast’ in The Vista

Columbia’s farm-to-table movement is here to stay. Charleston-based Black Bean Co. has brought its farm-fresh and fast service concept to The Vista, adding to the district’s growing number of dining options.

Grossman’s food philosophy is based on developing complete meals with unique flavor profiles. The goal is for customers to know they are getting a whole, flavorful meal without the need to cut calories.

Beyond taste, Grossman also prides himself on delivering a full customer service experience by building a supportive staff. His people approach to business is what he feels ensures customers receive a great guest experience.

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Low Country Sun

Why Is No One Talking About Ellis Grossman?

Ellis Grossman does not solve problems in the same ways that everyone else does. This is not a mere observation, but a fundamental fact that is at the core of his work and ideas.

“It is something I take a lot of pride in…I see such an importance in the farm and in the restaurant.”

The farm is Thackeray Farms on Wadmalaw Island, where 80% of the over forty, daily prepped ingredients are plotted, grown, and cut. An unassuming, framed picture of the first half-acre that Ellis rented from Sean Thackeray hangs in one of the booths at the James Island location. Grossman now nurtures forty acres at Thackeray, selling produce to Atlanta, Miami, Columbia, Limehouse Produce Company and Whole Foods—not to mention his three restaurants with the fourth on the way.

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Charleston City Paper

Ellis Grossman grows veggies and wraps them up too

Ellis Grossman mounts a dark green John Deere tractor at Thackeray Farms. It's a week before the first day of spring, and 2012's mild winter has made the turn of the season feel like early summer.

Grossman wears brown leather cowboy boots, khaki pants, and a light blue pinstripe shirt as he hooks the row hiller attachment to the tractor, but his Chanel sports watch hints that he's not your typical farmer.

Grossman started Black Bean Co., a growing local chain of quick service, farm-to-table restaurants, two years ago at the age of 24. The acres of heirloom tomatoes waiting to sprout, as well as other spring crops on Thackeray Farms, will be used almost exclusively by his restaurants.

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Black Bean Company wins Best Healthy Food of Charleston

The Destination Guide video travel log has voted Charleston Black Bean Co. ( the best Healthy Food in Charleston.

Dubbed “energy food” by founder Ellis Grossman, the Black Bean Co. is redefining fast food. In Grossman’s world, “fast” is not a euphemism for “greasy” and “fattening.” Black Bean Co. simply serves healthy food — much of it grown in Grossman’s own garden — quickly. At his second location, he’s even installing a 12-car drive-through window.

“We chose Black Bean Co. because it manages to shatter every stereotype about fast food,” says associate producer David Warm. “Black Bean Co. is not only healthy, it’s really good.”

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The Charleston Scene

Black Bean Co. Offers Dream Food for a Healthy Eater

Black Bean Co. uses unprocessed, natural foods to create vegan and power wraps and gyros, just good-for-your-body type stuff.

And now they've got two locations. Hey, good for their business. Better for our appetites.

The first shop opened on Spring Street downtown in September 2010 with the second following on James Island in March of this year. The latter branch sits off Folly Road, drive-thru included, as a fresh refuge among several fast-food eateries.

Behind both ventures? Ellis Grossman, a forward-thinking graduate of the Culinary Institute of Charleston.

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